Dec 31, 2009

Web Based Schema Designer

Web Based Schema Designer
I ran across this great web based database schema designer a while back and thought I’d finally share it. WWW SQL Designer allows you to design database schemas which can be saved and then exported as SQL.

I know there are tons of applications out there that do the same thing. What I like so much about WWW SQL Designer is its simplistic interface and that its web-based. Web-based software is nice.

The software supports many common database features such as keys, foreign key constraints, comments and indexes. It is offered under a BSD license and takes some digging to get it installed, but you can’t beat the price! Check out a live demo of WWW SQL Designer.


  • it doesn’t put out the kind of coderz i need :o(
    or I’d use it all the time.

  • @jgasm: What kind of “coderz” are you looking for?

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