May 13, 2009

Make changes to your putty configuration stick

Being a LAMP developer, I spend a good portion of my day SSH’d into servers via Putty. For those unfamiliar with it, Putty is a free telnet/ssh client for Windows and Unix operating systems. The problem with Putty, or maybe me, is the text is really hard to read. By default Putty displays white text on a black background in 10pt Courier font. It is very hard on the eyes, especially when you spend any significant amount of time using it.

It had become a routine that anytime I opened Putty and connected to a server, I would set the font size to 14pt and bold but the settings never stuck. A while ago I had searched around looking for a remedy to this problem, but I always came up with nothing. Finally today I was so tired of altering that setting that I went searching for an answer and happend to stumble onto Dag’s article over at Field Commander Wieers about Improving Putty settings on Windows.

Dag explains that before you setup any sessions in Putty that you should make your changes to the default session settings first. The changes will be replicated to all other sessions you create and save you seconds, if not minutes of your life changing settings for each session.

Once you’ve made all your session changes click save and you’re off and running.

Improving Putty settings on Windows via Field Command Wieers


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