Sep 3, 2007

Domain Parking

I own a ton of domains. I’m not sure how many, but I know it is a lot. I purchased the majority of them for projects that I never got around to doing. So many of my domains sit idly in my godaddy account collecing dust. Or collecting money for godaddy because their parking page is still on them. If you are unclear as to what domain parking is, there is a great Wikipedia article that will explain everything.

I was bored today and thought I’d look into this whole parking thing and see if I couldn’t at least recoup the yearly registration costs of these domains.

After a quick search, I settled on Don’t ask me why, they just looked trustworthy, and godaddy charged a monthly fee. Sedo offers the service for free, but takes 20% of your earnings. No big deal, I highly doubt I’ll make anything off this anyway. 20% of nothing is, well … nothing.

I’ll keep you posted, both of you. When the millions start rolling in, we’ll go to Vegas! My treat.

Here are the domains:

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